Home Therapy

Lorian Physical Therapists provide the expertise to help restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities of patients suffering from injuries or disease. Their applied skills help restore, maintain, and promote overall fitness and health.

Special Therapy Services are available for patients requiring rehabilitative care and include:

  • Physical Therapists available to provide physician prescribed treatment aimed at development and restoration of muscles and joint function.
  • Occupational Therapists available to help patients regain the skills necessary for self-care and activities of daily living.
  • Speech Pathologists available to assist patients with impaired communication skills to regain those skills or to learn alternative ways to express their needs and feelings.

Home nursing

Lorian Skilled Nursing Services combine the science of nursing with the art of caring to optimize the treatment of disease. Our friendly, professional nurses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet your needs in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

  • Enteral feedings
  • Glucose monitoring
  • Injections
  • Medication Teaching
  • Post surgical care
  • Foley catheter care
  • Care for chronic medical conditions
  • Wound care, Infusions

Our leading Wound Care Program integrates the latest cutting-edge products and technology, including the Nobel Prize winning Anodyne Light Therapy® to heal wounds faster and with fewer complications than traditional wound care.


Dietitians and Nutritionists

Dietitians and nutritionists plan food and nutrition programs, supervise meal preparation, and oversee the serving of meals. They prevent and treat illnesses by promoting healthy eating habits and recommending dietary modifications.

Home Health Aide Services

Home Health Aide Services are available to help with the patient's personal care and hygiene needs and to provide light homemaking services.

Social Services

Social Service Workers are available to help patients and their families cope with the personal and emotional impact of illness or disability and help locate financial resources and community assistance.


Lorian Health sets the highest quality standards for home-health services in existence today. Foremost of these, is our belief in equanimity in regard to the treatment of all our patients.
Regardless of economic, ethnic or religious background, we are committed to fulfill the home-health needs of all members of the community. Whatever the need, age, illness or disability, we take pride in providing quality care to those who require assistance at home. Our commitment is to treat each patient with compassion and respect, while remaining cost effective and accessible to all.

Vision Statement

Lorian Health is committed to fostering a socially responsible environment within our organization and community and is determined to provide the highest caliber of health care for our patients and their families.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We value our customers and show it. Our customers include patients, patients family, referral sources, co-workers, vendors and suppliers.
  • We openly accept patients with unique needs and are committed to the improvement of their health.
  • We strive to meet the needs of our referring customers and their patients by offering the most comprehensive services, day or night, while providing a trouble-free experience.
  • We are respectful of our customers time and honor it with our commitment to punctuality and reliability.
  • We are disciplined individuals who take ownership of our responsibilities.
  • We are committed to professionalism and work to demonstrate it through our appearance, demeanor and attitude.
  • We promote an environment of open communication and feedback which allows us to know how effectively we are meeting our commitment to these principles.

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